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Some frequently asked questions

For all EBF or MARUG members, the participation fee is €12,50. For non-members, a fee of €15,- is charged. At the event, delicious lunches and free drinks will be offered to all participants.
Most activities at the Recruitment Days are based on CV-selection. Therefore, you will need to enroll in these activities before the event. The CV-selected activities include cases, individual talks, business lunches, business dinners, and informal workshops. Enrollment is not necessary for company presentations and networking social. However, to participate in these activities you are required to sign up for the event.
The dress code for the Recruitment Days is business formal.
No, this is not necessary. Most companies are looking for students studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business. However, some companies are also looking for students from other faculties.
Yes! Attending the Recruitment Days while in the first phase of your BSc is highly recommended. As a first- or second-year student, you will have the wonderful opportunity of orientating yourself. At the Recruitment Days, you can discover which industries suit you best and which companies you would potentially like to work for. We recommend visiting a broad range of presentations!
The enrollment deadline is 17 November at 23:59.
Pay attention! Your enrollment is completed only when you finalized all 5 steps in the Eventplanner (so don’t forget to confirm your registration).
We try our best to consider the preferences of the students. However, the companies themselves ultimately decide which students they want to invite. Therefore, there is a chance that you will not be selected for an activity you enrolled in. Therefore, if you are interested in more activities that take place at the same time, we urge you to enroll in both! Mind you; you can never be selected by a company that you did not enroll for.
We sent your CV to the recruiters of the company you enrolled for. These recruiters will use your CV to rank you. Based on the ranking of the recruiters, it is decided if you will be invited for specific activities. Your CV will never be provided to third parties.
This is a policy of the university in order to protect your privacy. At the event itself, there is the possibility to give your personal data to recruiters.
It is possible that this e-mail ended up in your spam. If this is not the case, we recommend you to revisit the account page and click on ‘forgot password’. You will receive a new activation link. Still does not work? Please do not hesitate to contact us!
No, during your enrollment it is possible to specify your availability. You will not be scheduled on moments you indicated as ‘not present’.
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