Prepare Yourself!

The Recruitment Days does not only feel responsible in bringing you in contact with your future employer, but also helping you with a better preparation in your career orientation.
Here, you can find tips and tricks about how to create a stunning CV, how to dress-up professionally and how to ace your case. This page aims to provide useful information on how to prepare yourself for the Recruitment Days and also your career path afterwards.

In this video, our main partner Page Group shows you how to make a stunning CV!

We realize that your CV is an important part of the enrollment. As a result, our main partner PageGroup offers you a helping hand in optimizing your CV with a CV-check. Whether you need some tips, a second opinion or just a final check, you are welcome to submit your CV and finish your enrollment! The deadline for submitting your CV is the 25th of November. Your CV will be fully confidential and not be forwarded to any third-parties.

To get a CV-check follow these steps:

  1. Put your CV in a Microsoft Word document
  2. Email this document to
  3. The subject of the email should be: ‘Online CV-check Recruitment Days Groningen 2019’
  4. Receive a fully checked CV!

First impressions last! The dress-code at the Recruitment Days is business formal. In order to ensure you make the best impression possible, the Society Shop has made a video on how to dress for the Recruitment Days!