Insight lets people and organizations grow. That’s our vision and our work. 

 SeederDeBoer is a medium-sized Dutch management consulting firm. Together with our clients, we work on the development and strengthening of their organization. Directing, developing and designing is the trinity in our approach. Depending on the circumstances and the question, we focus on different aspects.

We put strategy into practice. Our expert knowledge, experience and fresh look are central to our approach. We bring our knowledge and expertise to the table in order to design processes and structures, and effectively change organizations. We believe it is essential to involve people on different hierarchical levels from the very start of the change process. When people are touched, they want to participate, co-create and co-construct, thereby creating their future. By thinking, doing, feeling and dreaming.

Young Professional Program
SeederDeBoer is looking for talented Dutch graduates with a strong personality, a passion for consulting and the ambition to solve complex organizational issues. Our Young Professional Program is aimed at the development of junior consultants and entails all relevant disciplines of (management) consulting. During this two year working and learning experience you are intensively coached by experienced colleagues. Young Professionals are assigned to challenging projects in which they are able to work reasonably independent, for different clients and in different environments.

For more information about this inspiring program, please take a look at our website.