People Select

People Select Young Professional is a talent recruitment agency focused on students and graduates (0-4  years of experience) and specifically working for companies within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retail industry. We give guidance and advice on career possibilities that match your background and ambitions. We know that it can be quite difficult to find the perfect match with all the options and great organisations at this moment. How often have you received genuine, unbiased advice on which company best suits you? And how often have you received concrete feedback on the way you present yourself in an interview?

This is exactly what People Select Young Professional can offer! Together we determine with you which organisation fits best and, where possible, use our connections within the industry  to introduce you to what might be your future employer. We guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end, and even after you have started.

People Select Young Professional works for a variety of large FMCG organisations, such as Procter & Gamble, Swinkels, Verkade & Iglo. We offer graduate positions within commercial disciplines. We are looking for highly ambitious, commercially driven students and graduates that see themselves working in the field of FMCG or Retail. We aim for pro-active people who are suitable for such a dynamic work-environment. Our process of matching people to organizations involves conversations with different members of our team. We would like to meet you!