OrMIT develops your talent into leadership skills in a Management, Digital or Technical context

You’ve successfully finished your studies and achieved great things along the way. An exciting career is ahead of you! But how and where to start to make a difference? That’s where ORMIT comes in. We help you to discover where your greatest potential lies and what you should improve to turn your talent into leadership skills. Our Traineeships will catapult your career into the future using this unique Traineeship recipe:

  • Challenging projects at top companies – We take great care in selecting projects that will provide you with a style learning curve.
  • An intensive training program — You participate in trainings focussed on developing your leadership potential and developing innovative project management skills.
  • A personal Talent Development Manager – Through coaching, feedback and reflection you gradually get to grasp your real potential.
  • Co-learning with peers – You can expect straight-forward feedback, honest observations and lasting friendships.
  • De ORMIT experience – For years ORMIT is a Great Placet to Work!

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Workshop: Personal Leadership with a Growth Mindset

What do you want to achieve in the future? What are your goals and how are you working towards achieving them? Are you taking responsiblity for this process? We will give you more insights into Growth and Fixed Mindsets and what this can mean for you if you want to live and work to your full potential!