Frisse Blikken

Workshop Talent Equation

Frisse Blikken will give a workshop at the Recruitment Days. Together we will play the Talent Equation game, which was designed by Frisse Blikken. This game helps you to discover your individual talents and how to put these to maximum use!

83% of students have the ambition to become an entrepreneur. Only 1% eventually dares to start an enterprise after their studies. Frisse Blikken offers talented starters a kick-start to become a successful entrepreneur. We are Frisse Blikken. We view the world around us from a fresh perspective, with wonder and curiosity. When we look at the major companies and organizations in this world, we see new challenges and the need for change.

We work with companies and organizations which are eager to harness the fresh perspective of young business talent. These organizations work with us to develop their learning and transition programs, to find new ways of reaching the modern consumer, to use gaming and gamification, promote process optimization, development of new talent or recruitment communication. These are all challenges which come natural to the younger generation, challenges which can benefit from a fresh perspective.

We believe autonomy, responsibility and trust brings out the best in people. At Frisse Blikken we stick to these core values and provide young talent with the chance to realize the entrepreneurial dream. We invest in the talent of our employees, empowering them to make a difference in other organizations. We aim to bring innovation and acceleration to the world.