De Kleine Consultant

Who are we?
De Kleine Consultant (The Young Consultant) is a non-profit consultancy organization that is fully run by students. What started out as a small idea in our capital, has grown into a national organization in 8 Dutch cities and even expanded to an office in London.

Since 2016 De Kleine Consultant also expanded to Groningen and we are always looking for new students to join our team! We work in in separate groups and during the projects one of our partners, i.e. McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company, will provide a coach to accompany our consultants.

This unique concept, in which both professional and personal development of students are central, combines getting practical experience with having a good time. Interested? Go to

What do we offer?

Apart from strategy consultancy we also give several types of training to a whole variety of groups. For Recruitment Days ‘18 we will provide a ‘Case Interview Training’. As you might know, nowadays a lot of companies have made cracking a business case part of their job interview. This is known to be a stumbling block for many … But it does not have to be!

What is the best way to crack a case? What are your personal pitfalls? In this training, we will provide you with the answers to these type of questions. Next time, you will surely ace that case!