Are you ambitious, eager to learn and looking for a kick-start of your career? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to these questions, the Calco MasterClass®, our unique IT traineeship, is perfect for you! Each month we provide 20 trainees with the opportunity to start their career in IT. No previous experience in IT? No problem! Over 95% of our trainees were originally trained in another field or profession. The most important thing for us is that you are interested in IT and that you are eager to learn.

Calco MasterClass®

The first two months of the traineeship consist of an educational program at Calco’s headquarters in Maarssen. After these two months you will be working for one of our clients for a period of 22 months, in a role that is suited to your interests and abilities.

About Calco

Calco is a young, innovative and ambitious organisation. We specialise in educating and coaching both new entrants and experienced IT-professionals. Ever since our foundation in 2004 we have helped over a 1400 professionals to kstart a successful career. For more information about Calco and the Calco MasterClass® see

About the Business Case

How do organisations deal with unpredictable circumstances and ever-changing wishes and demands? During this case you will learn how organisations use the Agile way of working to deal with these issues. Scrum is an Agile method which helps teams to create (software)products in a flexible way. Scrum has become a crucial part of the IT world, and during this interactive case you will be able to experience the power and value of Scrum yourself!