Boer en Croon

Boer & Croon is THE Management Firm, familiar for its high-quality services in the field of management. Boer & Croon believes in the unique combination of ‘thinking and doing’. Not only bringing highly intelligent people to the situation, but also natural managers with a great sense for people and organisational environments.

The Young Executive Management Development Program has proven itself, for more than 20 years, to be one of the most challenging development programs for recent graduates and Young Professionals. Within this 3-year program Young Executives at Boer & Croon develop their professional skills by working on complex management issues within a large variety of industries and organisations. Besides that, they are personally trained and intensively coached by experienced professionals. The combination of challenging assignments and personal coaching form the fundamentals of ‘the journey to success’ for our Young Executives.

The main characteristics of the Young Executive Program are:

Operating for 3 years within the broad scope of interim-management, project management, process management and advisory
Working independently and autonomously within the environment of the client, sometimes within a team with other Young Executives
Support from experienced top managers in the corporate world or public industry, operating as a coach
Receiving feedback on an ongoing basis, from coaches, peers and experienced managers. All in order to become more self-aware and keep growing as a professional and person
A large amount of courses with a focus on the development of hard and soft skills

For our highly talented pool of Young Executives we are always looking for recent graduates and Young Professionals who create an impact and show courage, people that are analytical and have a great sense of people and organisational environments.

The selection procedure for the Young Executive Management program includes a resume check on management experience, extra-curricular activities, minimum of a Masters diploma and business-sense. Moreover, it includes 3 interview rounds along with a business case, to be able to form a complete picture of the candidate. A final assessment rounds up the selection procedure to test for cognitive and interpersonal skills and management capabilities.