The largest telecom provider in the Netherlands – in Groningen.

Belsimpel is the largest and fastest growing telecom supplier in the Netherlands. By having every phone and provider in the same place, we can offer over 17 million possible combinations to our customers. Creating order from this telecom chaos is by no means an easy task and a team of 400 highly educated and fanatical colleagues are ready to go above and beyond every day to tackle this challenge head-on. Every year more than 600,000 packages are delivered to 1.5 million happy customers. Together with our typical Groningen sobriety and fanaticism we managed to reach 200 million in sales in 2017.

We are fanatics

Our way to conquer the mobile world? The Belsimpel Method! The start-up mentality can still be felt during many get-togethers, but in ten years Belsimpel has grown into a large and professional company. We do it different: we help our customers to find what really suits them. With us you find the solution for your telecom question and we get a kick out of solving the puzzle for you. And as an employer? We only go for the most smart and most fanatic candidates. In order to come up with the best solution for both the customer and your colleagues, we do everything ourselves. From building the website, purchasing telephones and supplies, marketing, an in-house warehouse and customer service: really everything.

You make a difference

On the Grote Markt in the heart of Groningen you will find the office where – except our 7 shops – everything takes place. All disciplines can be found here, from Marketing to Finance, Development to Operations: not just customer service but even our warehouse. Everything under one roof to run a flat, but extremely efficient organization. By doing everything smarter, we become a bit better every day. With a drive to defeat ourselves each day, we have a culture in which we always want to win!